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Dragon fruit

With nearly 54,000 hectares of dragon fruit growing areas (of which the harvested area is more than 45,000 hectares), the output reaches over 1 million tons / year. Vietnam is currently the country with the largest dragon fruit growing area in Asia and is also the world’s leading exporter of dragon fruit.

Depending on the shape, size and species they can be sweet or sour and when you open it, its texture looks like that of a kiwi with the meat being filled with small black seeds that are known to improve digestion.

Dragon fruit is a low-calorie food that is rich in antioxidants, proteins, vitamins, fiber and minerals and it is believed that the dragon fruit contains micro nutrients that prevent several diseases.

True fruits choose the best dragon fruit from the farms, which are fresh and have no chemical fertilizers, we have farms meet Global gap standard which meet the difficult market requirements.

Possessing advanced preservation technology, our dragon fruits are currently mainly transported by sea to Australian and American markets.