Vietnam is known as the land of tropical fruits with abundance, fertile alluvial, dense rivers, favorable climate all year round where grows up nutritional and fresh fruits. Based on the natural mother’s gift, True Fruits would love to bring Vietnam fruits to the world to have an enjoyment of them.

True Fruits company is a group of young generation people, enthusiasm, passion for fresh fruits, founded with the desire to combining large farms in the Mekong Delta and producing products of the Global standards combined with modern packaging factories, wide distribution channels to create a closed supply chain.


In order to expand our fruits to the other countries, Vietnam had spent a long and historical past which leaded to many disadvantages for our social’s live and country’s economic, that meant Vietnamese has to try them best to recover their life day by day so does the economy, it is still backward, farmers still work by own themselves through planting and distributing agricultural products by household business, and which is just in the providing inland chain, the quantity won’t be too much to gain high result.

Mission and ambitions

The target of True Fruits is bringing Vietnam fruits to the world and help farmers have a fully life. Therefore, we are cooperating with farmers, bring new stragic and method to help them build Vietnam fruits better to the world with Fresh and Nutritionable Fruits as if our fruits were just harvested from the farm but still remain their own flavour and then contributing that taste to a new level and adapt with strict requirements of consumers around the world. And our best wish is always for farmers to give their life better.