The production volume of Vietnamese coconuts is recovering after a shortage

When the season changes from the dry season to the rainy season, the quantity and quality of coconuts will change in a positive way. The impact of drought and salinity is not more serious this year than the previous year. The coconut volume has increased dramatically and can meet the demand of export easily.

At the moment the only problem we are facing for export is the price of sea freight. “After the outbreak of covid-19, delivery by sea has become much more difficult, and the freight cost shows no sign of decreasing. However, this is the hot season with high demand in many countries so they have been still importing coconuts from Vietnam regardless of high freight costs.”



Coconut lovers always have some trouble opening the hard shell of the coconut. Most often they use a knife to crack it strenuously. Mary shared a tip on how to open a coconut by hand. “First, you have to know the inside structure of a coconut. ”There are always 3 eyes on coconut shells. One of them is placed in such a way to facilitate the exchange of water and minerals that occurs in the coconut. It is really soft and easy to break. After knowing this, opening a coconut will be possible by hand.”

Step 1: Use your hands to remove the fibrous husk on the top of the coconut to uncover three eyes on the shell.

Step 2: Look for the softest eye. The biggest one out of them is the softest eye.

Step 3: Use a straw to dig gently through the softest eye and enjoy the coconut water

Besides coconuts, True Fruits also exports large volumes of a variety of tropical fruits such as pomelo, dragon fruit, and limes.

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