About Us

We offer the fresh, delicious fruits from Vietnam!

Thanks for Mekong Delta, Vietnamese farmers are given special present from The mother of Nature, we receive the wonderful natural conditions which helps our fruits better than ever, with its name is Tropical Fruits or another name is Exotic Fruits, these fruits are both rich nutrients and carried its own Asia identity.

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True Fruits company

True Fruits company is a group of young generation people, enthusiasm, passion for fresh fruits, founded with the desire to combining large farms in the Mekong Delta and producing products of the Global standards combined with modern packaging factories, wide distribution channels to create a closed supply chain.

Our mission is:

“The target of True Fruits is bringing Vietnam fruits to the world and help farmers have a fully life. Therefore, we are cooperating with farmers, bring new stragic and method to help them build Vietnam fruits better to the world with Fresh and Nutritionable Fruits as if our fruits were just harvested from the farm but still remain their own flavour and then contributing that taste to a new level and adapt with strict requirements of consumers around the world. And our best wish is always for farmers to give their life better.”

We abide by our core values:

We are market driven, so we aim to:
  • Exceed consumer and customer quality requirements
  • Achieve preferred supplier status
  • Enable innovation in the marketplace
  • Enhance business performance through technology
We are responsible, so we:
  • Prioritise Health and Safety
  • Respect the environment
  • Support our local community
  • Are open and honest
  • Act with Integrity


Our Expertise

The main expertise of us is providing fresh fruits to over the world, we would love to introduce our country's fruits flavor and tasty, as they are very impressive. They are not only rich of nutrions, their price are also reasonable.


Furthermore, True Fruits - enthusiasm young people are working hard to help farmers, by providing them with a reasonable price for their products, and provide them with long- term agreements to get a stable income. We also introduced our agricultural engineers to help farmers with production techniques for organic fruits. which will both raise up our products and our farmers's life.

Our Approach

In order to expand Vietnam fresh fruits to all over the world, young generation of True Fruits team are trying our best to develop and upgrate our best products day by day. And thanks for our great effort, our fruits have been to Europe, Australia, Asia already. We hope that will promote our products by far.