By today, the more mordern life is, the more convevient ways people to get. Coconut is one of the most unconvenient fruits to drink, which takes many time for customer to break it out and enjoy it as well. Therefore, there are many issues appearing once they get the coconut which leads them feel "annoying" and "bored" with drinking coconut.

Additionally, They need to use a knife to crack it strenuously or use the"heavy" tools opening. On order to solve that problem, True Fruits has come up with a idea and created the convenient way for customer. There are always 3 eyes on coconut shells. One of them is placed in which exchanging process of water and minerals in coconut occurs, it is really soft and easy to break. Based on this, we create the circle carved circle on this eye, that means customer just put straw in it then drink more easily. Let us show you how to drink with that coconut ^^


STEP 1: There is a carved circle on the top 0f coconut.


STEP 2: Insert straw into that circle and enjoy drinking.

Why don't we try on this way and taste coconut more conveniently. Hope you can have good experinces with this tip open coconut.


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