In order to expand Vietnam fresh fruits to all over the world, young generation of True Fruits team are trying our best to develop and upgrate our best products day by day. And thanks for our great effort, our fruits have been to Europe, Australia, Asia already. We hope that we will promote our products by far.

And coconut is our specialized item which we would love to introduce our Viet coconut with its own variety and tasty, water and fleash of this fruit bring natural flavor leads to create our coconut's impression.

Besided young coconut famous for "Tropical Fruits" from Asia, we have another kind of coconut that is Brown - Matured coconut, this type has both water and flesh which could be used for cooking and drinking with ~ 300 ml of water and ~ 400 gr of flesh per piece.

Coconut is bought many benefits to our health, here is the table which will show all nutritions fact of coconut:

Therefore, coconut water is not only a cool beverage, it is also a nutritious drink.


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