Mango is considered the “King of Fruit” in Vietnam because of their tasty flavor and nutrition. Mango is popularly grown in Cao Lanh, Dong Thap all year around, and becomes a specialty delicacy of this area.


Mango is not only tasty fruit, but also a healthy and nutritious meal, which contains many vitamins, fiber,… which can reduce risk of obesity, heart disease, increase energy, and improve memory.

There are four varieties of Mangoes: Green Skin Cat Chu mango, Yellow Skin Cat Chu mango, Green Skin Tuong mango, and Yellow Tuong mango.

Cat Chu mango has a long curved shape with different colors and tastes. Green skin Cat Chu mango’s flesh tastes sweet and sour, crunchy. Yellow skin color is  sweeter than the green one, which has a passionate and seductive scent, the sweetness is rich, the flesh is soft and a bit chewy.


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