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One of the most impressive coconuts of True Fruits is “Fresh Polished coconut”. This is the child of Ben Tre land, so the quality is extremely great. The impression of this kind of coconut is coconut water, the sweetness level is above 7 Brix – quite a high level. The taste is fresh, which makes the customer experiences a cool feeling. Moreover, the amount of calories is low that would suit with whom on diet routine.

Someone wonders the cover is thick, which means it’s tremendously hard to open. But not concerned about that, with the design of True Fruits company invented, coconut is easier to enjoy. Being shaved and polished the cover completely, creating a perfect model seeing from first sight. Because of shaving around the coconut’s cover clearly, the consumer just needs to put the straw directly to the softest eye of the coconut. After that very moment, you can enjoy the coconut fresh water immediately.

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